Custom Made Bras in New York City

An algorithmically-informed custom bra made to your unique blueprint.


Because so far, you’ve never found the perfect fit.

You’ve tried it all. The fitting room at the mall, the pushy salespeople, the well-intentioned fitters, the smart-foam cups — and you’re still wondering if there’s a better solution.

custom bra double panel

What if you never had to deal with the “Wall of Bras” again?

Say goodbye to the letter and the number.

Two measurements define the bra industry, but we know that doesn’t define you.

Your shoulders, your posture, even where your boobs sit — we take all these and more into account. This means a bra with more technical precision than you’ve ever seen.

custom bra triple panel

It’s not bra magic, it’s bra science. – Amanda D.

bra theory custom bra

Utmost attention to shape. To look and feel the way you want.

You can’t fit an orange into a martini glass. Our algorithm generates a bra that’s made based on your unique blueprint. The result feels like the perfect hug.

I’ve never felt a cup be my cup, ever… in my 27 years of life. It feels like my breast is encompassed… This is not where the bar is supposed to be. – Kate G.

A custom fitted underwire that always supports and never pokes.

Ever come home celebrating the removal of your oppressive underwire bra, releasing the girls from #boobprison? It doesn’t have to be this way. Your Bra Theory underwire, strap, and band will provide all-day support, comfort and lift.

bra theory custom bra underwire

Bra Theory is the Chanel in a world of Forever 21’s. – Janelle C.

bra theory fabrics

One color. One style. We’re starting our mission by focusing on the perfect fit.

Customized colors and styles are on their way soon!

Luxuriate in the softest satin.

We source our fabrics locally and they’ve been chosen especially with your comfort in mind.

Wow, I’ve never had a custom bra before… This is what you pay for. – Kate L


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Be among the first to try the bespoke experience

Register your interest for our Beta Program in New York City.

Cost is $175 (normally $350).

What to expect:

  • Applicants must be able to visit our SoHo NYC studio in-person. (If you can’t make it in person, go ahead and complete the form and be first in line when we’re ready in your area.)
  • You’ll get rosé and cookies!
  • One measuring, one fitting, 30 minutes each
  • You’ll get the BT Bra: an algorithmically-informed custom bra made to your unique blueprint
  • Our bra is still a work in progress, so we offer a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.
  • Your data will further #BoobScience. With each iteration, you’ll be helping us get closer to solving the problem for other women.
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