Bra Theory is an empathetic, mathematical approach to bras.

Our goals:

  1. to understand someone’s bust with more precision and empathy than two standards of measurement
  2. to celebrate the complexities of the boob
  3. to construct a bra that fits a real person instead of an industry size

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While we’re heads down in R&D to build you that perfect bra that doesn’t hours in the fitting room to find, there’s a community of bra experts at http://www.reddit.com/abrathatfits that can help you identify a better-fitting bra, today. Go check it out!



One thought on “About

  1. Hello,
    I find your theory very interesting and I am myself a lingerie designer.
    The bra fitting issues are very concerning and I am trying to solve it with 3D technologies. I am in NY this week, would you be available for a coffee? I would love to meet you to discuss about the topic!




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